Acquire Customers

Get a flow of actionable opportunities and close more deals

Hunting For New Business

Over the years, we helped hundreds of customers to accelerate their sales and reach their financial targets. Our formula for success is simple: hunting for new business. It's a number game as more opportunities lead to more sales.

From Prospection to Closing

Prospection, qualification, follow-up, closing? Let us know where you need support and what fits your internal processes.  Start increasing your sales performance.

Hey! It's North America

We have offices in the United States of America and Canada. Expand in a new state or province.

Focused On Prospection

Smart Calling

Smart Calling is in our DNA. Calling is still the best way to impact and create preliminary trust with a potential customer. We prospect on your behalf and hunt for new projects or business needs. With Smart Calling, you get control and make sure your prospects capture your unique value proposition.


Emailing is a valid prospection method if it's used wisely. We mix targeted emails with Smart Calling or Social Selling for optimal performance. We prefer value selling to mass emailing.

Social Selling

We do Linkedin campaigns sending InMails or posting ads. We design your website to make it sales-ready and capture even more leads. Infinite Growth provides all the necessary systems to make your Social Selling effective.

Sales as a Service

Infinite Growth is the next-gen solution to expand your sales.
You access a sales machine composed of professional Business Developers
working with successful sales processes and cutting-edge tools.


Build substantial customer lists to become successful in your prospection and marketing campaigns. Through our databases or custom-made account analysis, we give you decisive insights to boost your revenue.


The size of the team evolves depending on the evolution of your revenue. If you need to accelerate, we add more team members so we can reach your targets.

Unlock new strategies

With Infinite Growth, you implement or try new sales strategies. Should you need to tackle a new market segment, sell a new solution, or approach key customers differently, you find solutions.

Sophisticated sales machine

You may need to outsource part or the totality of your sales process. We prospect, run meetings, do presentations, follow-up with the prospect, negotiate and close deals.