Be customers centric

March 2, 2021
The ''HOW TO... ''

Step 1 - Leverage Data
By looking at your current marketing data to determine how much of yourbusiness depends on new clients compared to repeat clients. This will give youa sense of the cost to acquire new customers against how much you are makingfrom existing clients.

Step 2 - Update your customer service
Meet the expectations of your customers. Be sure you capture what they arelooking for in terms of support and meet their expectations.

Step 3 - Regularly Contact your Customers
Customers like to feel understood, heard, and important. Consumers like to feellistened to and heard on a regular basis. They like to feel you care abouttheir point of view. Be sure you contact them regularly to ensure they feelappreciated.

Step 4 - Get Management on Board
Large-scale changes can be difficult to sell internally. Bring your data-driveninsights and expert opinion to suggest a few first small-scale roll outs. Thiswill prove the effectiveness of funnel inversion to management.

Jerome Le Dall