Market Discovery

Go beyond your market and discover your successful expansion formula.

New solution - New offer

You have new software or application to market. Maybe you have a traditional business and want to innovate with a new digital solution. We are going to pave the way to sell at scale.

New geography

You want to expand in a new country or a different state or province. You need to adapt your solution, marketing, and sales model to succeed in the targeted region. We are used to international business and will find the go-to-market you need.

70% of our customers target the USA
30% target Canada

As if...

Infinite Growth does as if you would be scaling your business in the region your target. You get a local address and phone number. Your potential customers benefit from local support. Our goal is to sell.


We detect the roadblocks in the sales process. We compile the feedbacks and draw up the go-to-market that will make you succeed. Most of the time, copy-pasting a local business model to a new territory appears to be ineffective. We help you define what you need to change to grow your revenue as expected.

Customers' feedback

We run business meetings with potential customers or partners. Either you attend these meetings, or we do it on your behalf. We collect plenty of information and listen to the comments and objections.


We create prospection and use multiple prospection techniques to reach your potential customers. These techniques range from intelligent calling to digital marketing. We hunt and open doors for you.