Infinite Growth

The only priority is your revenue

We work for the tech industry

You are an Entrepreneur, Sales professional, Customer Success Manager, or Marketer? We designed our solutions for you.

Technology is in our DNA. Most of our customers evolve in the cloud industry: SaaS or PaaS. Others are in the software or consulting services.

We have helped hundreds of companies operating in ERPs, cyber-security solutions, HR, industrial process, innovation management, IoT, and smart city.

Our Vision

"I founded Infinite Growth with one idea in mind: Building a sophisticated, highly effective sales machine Entrepreneurs may activate when they need to grow their revenue.

To accelerate their business, our customers engage with skilled teams and robust digital solutions, all on-demand."

Jerome Le Dall, Founder

Our Values

All our organization is organized around our customers and the proper delivery of the outcome they want. We listen to our customers and make us available all the time.

We commit to achieving the goals of our customers. It's our DNA. More than a gentleman agreement, goals are contractual!

We believe in diversity. It makes us stronger and enriches each team member. Infinite Growth welcomes any talented professional, as far as he/she has a good spirit.

Our customers trust us because we achieve our objective and give full visibility to our operations. Trust is the necessary element in any engagement we have.

Meet the team

Jerome Le Dall


Loreta Giannetti

Sales Manager

Jon Ion

Sales Manager

Segolene de Thomaz

VP Customer Success

Brigitte Paquay

General Affairs

Asad Jobanputra


Benjamin Lefebvre

Digital Marketing

Brody O'Donnell

Business Developer

Catherine Melo

Sales Enablement Manager

Edward Gebbie

Business Developer

Christopher George

Business Developer

Aurelien Mosser

Business Developer

Gurjit Bath

Business Developer

Sana Adeel

Business Developer

Paul Fernando

Business Developer

Human Resources

Infinite Growth's team is the fundamental reason for its success and the success of its customers. The team is everything.

We work hard to make Infinite Growth one of the best places to work. We meet our customers' expectations, and we do it while taking care of our employees. We believe an excellent team spirit is essential and that anyone deserves to be supported and coached to become successful.

We are always looking for new talents. If you are looking for a new challenge and inspiring job, send us a message!