Case Studies

Learn more about the ways in which we transformed the sales processes of our clients.

Revenue Growth

One of our valued clients is a leader in the software industry in France. In addition to the various software solutions, supporting the day-to-day lives of professionals and users, they had acquired a new software in the Academic industry
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Strategic Partnership

One of our valued clients is a leader in the software industry in France. They provide software solutions to increase the performance of public and private stakeholders.
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Partner Engagement

One of our valued clients is a leader in the software industry in Europe with its powerful BPM “No-Code” platform.
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Market Analysis

One of our valued clients is a leader in the smart recruitment technology industry in Europe. The organization deploys their award-winning technology to over 130,000
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What to Consider Before Expanding into Global Markets

As the digital world continues to increase, every year, more B2B companies are making the transition to doing business on a global scale.
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Understanding Customer Experience (CX) in a B2B environment.

Understanding Customer Experience (CX) in a B2B environment. By Sana Adeel What exactly is customer experience?
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The 5-Step Process to Prepare for Global Expansion

Going international is a significant undertaking for new businesses that requires a lot of ground work to ensure that it does not affect the current business operations.
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How to Maintain Customer Engagement During a Virtual Environment

Customer engagement is one of the most important business objectives, and it’s traditionally dependent on in-person interaction.
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How to succeed in Business Development

Business Development activities involve a lot of business functions within an organization. It encompasses a lot of functions together.
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Five Ways to Develop a Mindset for Success

The first step to building a mindset for success is to define what it means to you. Success is different for everyone;
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Five Reasons to Create a Warm & Positive Work Environment

Creating a positive work environment has a significant impact on employees’ attitudes towards their job and coworkers and their performance and productivity levels.
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Customer Success: The Perfect Way to Increase Your Turnover

Customer success is about securing and generating revenue from your current customer’s base. Every company loves and craves predictable revenue and loyalty.
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Creating a Buyer-Centric Funnel

For the uninitiated, a sales funnel is your customers’ journey towards buying your product or service. The sales funnel (also known as a revenue funnel or sales process)
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Five Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Partnering

It takes time and effort to find the partners that will help you to increase your revenue on a long-term basis. The partner's business has to match with your offer.
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Be Customer Centric

Leverage Data By looking at your current marketing data to determine how much of your business depends on new clients compared to repeat clients.
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8 Steps to Form a Successful Strategic Partnership

One of the most successful strategies to expand your customer base is to form a partnership with another company. Strategic alliances allow you to provide more value to existing and potential customers.
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