Market Analysis

Market Analysis


One of our valued clients is a leader in the smart recruitment technology industry in Europe. The organization deploys their award-winning technology to over 130,000 end client sites and over 8,000 recruitment agencies. Their focus is to make organizations more efficient when completing trials and reports. Due to their great success in the European market, the organization wanted to explore North America.

The challenge

Their goal was to expand into regions beyond Europe to untapped market territories. As these markets were completely new for them, they needed local market insight to determine what launch approach best suits the North American market.

Market expansion can be extremely difficult for an emerging company; they need complete market analysis to plan their strategy. It’s crucial to overview the target market, local trends, competitors, and the requirements to succeed. Thus, they needed to complete a comprehensive overview prior to entering the market but did not have any representatives based in North America for the groundwork research.

The solution

A complete market scan was designed and executed by Infinite Growth. The exploration process took six months; Infinite Growth’s team spent three of those months designing a value proposition for this niche market, conducting market discovery, and determining the best time to launch.

Infinite Growth completed an in-depth market analysis and created a go-to-market strategy for them, and provided them with insights related to the new potential market, industry trends and competition that were pertinent for launching their product and services.

Business value

  • Market Insight
  • Pre-launch Environmental Scan
  • Execution Strategy
  • Leads to Business Opportunities


  • More than 300 connections in the recruitment industry
  • More than 20 engagements


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