Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership


One of our valued clients is a leader in the software industry in France. They provide software solutions to increase the performance of public and private stakeholders. They devote 90% of their business to supporting the day-to-day lives of professionals and users.

The organization has over 30 years of experience and more than 51,000 clients, and over 19,000 employees. The success of their company has allowed them to provide services in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. They are committed to providing research and innovative strategies.

The challenge

As the company continues to gain success in the different markets, they have difficulties determining the best industries and companies to form strategic partnerships.

Their goal is to accelerate their sales by expanding their customer base and providing more value to existing and potential customers. Identifying the ideal organization to build an alliance and engaging a strategic partnership can be difficult for many companies.

Organizations must ensure that they select the best partners and build a robust network that suits their expectations. A strategic alliance must create an environment where both parties mutually benefit.

The solution

Infinite Growth was able to build and enhance our client’s partnership program by conducting a market discovery study to determine the ideal industry and market to target. An in-depth industry scan was completed to ensure we discovered organizations that are searching to launch a successful partnership.

The organization is constantly on the lookout for new partnerships to integrate their software solutions in order to enhance potential clients’ global information systems.  Infinite Growth collected data and information on various industries and determined the strengths and weaknesses of the targeted companies.

We discovered how both parties manage their teams and learned the goals and objectives each company wants to achieve during their long-lasting partnership.  In the introduction phase, the client was provided with a shortlisted group of companies with in-depth stake holder analysis.

Next, Infinite Growth facilitated the client to engage with the selected top organizations and key decision makers. After a series of engagements with the potential companies with detailed discussions and information sharing, the formal strategic partnerships were signed.

Business value

  • Strategic Value Prospection
  • In-depth Industry & Market Scan
  • Tailor-made Strategic Partner Program
  • Long-Term Strategic Alliance with Partners


  • Over 500 Leads
  • Over 100 Engagements Within a Year
  • Sealed More Than 7 Strategic Partnership Alliances


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