Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth


One of our valued clients is a leader in the software industry in France. In addition to the various software solutions, supporting the day-to-day lives of professionals and users, they had acquired a new software in the Academic industry that enables the educational institutions to plan and manage courses, exams and schedules in a systematic manner.

The challenge

As part of their strategic initiative of growth through collaborative practices and international development, their goal is to look out for opportunities that will augment their business offering in new untapped markets. The acquisition of a new software catering to the Academic industry was part of this initiative.

While mergers and acquisitions enable companies to gain market share in various sectors; they come with their own set of challenges that are difficult for the companies to tackle with the existing team.

Our client required support for a smooth acquisition process to overcome these challenges that they faced initially. These included the assessment of the existing processes of the acquired business along with the planning and execution of a go-to market strategy for the new business division.

The solution

Infinite Growth worked as an extension to the client’s team to assist them with a smooth transition. The campaign consisted of 2 phases.

In phase one, Infinite Growth conducted a formal assessment of the existing resources, procedures, and strategies of the new business. A complete scan was done to determine where the resources needed to be allocated and pooled to ensure the division is directly aligned with the contribution towards the growth of the business.

It completed with a business analysis summary presenting the findings to the client along with some directive for managing the personnel from both sides for the smooth transition to ensure that all stakeholders involved are aware of the changes required for a successful transition.

Phase two began with consultation to plan and execute a successful go-to-market strategy. Infinite Growth assisted the client in executing a “Customer Success Plan” to ensure sales acceleration and business growth. This involved recommendations for a revised relationship management plan to ensure long term business commitments.

Business value

  • Post Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Operational Effectiveness Assessment
  • Growth Strategy


  • Customer Success
  • Accelerated Business Growth


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