Partner Engagement

Partner Engagement


One of our valued clients is a leader in the software industry in Europe with its powerful BPM “No-Code” platform. They help organizations to identify, minimize, and manage business risks. The company has over 18 years of experience and more than 3,500 clients who trust their Business Processes Management Platform. Their goal is to help organizations be safer and more efficient within their business process management.

The challenge

The company has attained tremendous success in the European market, allowing them to expand internationally. Their primary goal is to create strategic partnerships with international organizations for long-term synergistic benefits as they continue their world-wide expansion progress.

For many companies, it can be challenging to identify the best organizations to form an alliance and enter into a strategic partnership. Organizations need to ensure they find “the right” partners and establish a strong network that matches their sets of requirements and complements the value their business can create synergistically.

The solution

Infinite Growth was able to propose and execute a two-phase campaign. The first phase constituted of performing a market discovery to explore the ideal industries and market to determine which companies would be ideal to target to launch a mutually successful alliance. The screening process is critical in ensuring we find the top companies that will add value, resources, and benefits to the partner program.

In the span of three months, Infinite Growth developed a strategy for targeting organizations searching for and willing to create a partnership.

This process involved not only the industry scan but also the detailed company-wise analysis identifying the key stakeholders and decision-makers. The second phase was to prospect and partner! The prospection process for potential partners began with a deep dive into the selected high potential industries and sectors.

After the prospection and shortlisting, the introduction phase began, where both parties learnt more about each organization and gained knowledge on what business value can be created as a result of this strategic alliance.

Business value

  • Strategic Value Prospection
  • In-depth Industry & Market Scan
  • Tailor-made Strategic Partner Program
  • Long-Term Strategic Alliance with Partners


  • Over 500 Leads
  • Over 40 Engagements
  • 30% Success Rate for Partnerships


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