Be Customer Centric

Step 1 - Leverage Data By looking at your current marketing data to determine how much of your business depends on new clients compared to repeat clients. This will give you a sense of the cost to acquire new customers against how much you are making from existing clients.

Step 2 - Update your customer service Meet the expectations of your customers. Be sure you capture what they are looking for in terms of support and meet their expectations.

Step 3 - Regularly Contact your Customers Customers like to feel understood, heard, and important. Consumers like to feel listened to and heard on a regular basis. They like to feel you care about their point of view. Be sure you contact them regularly to ensure they feel appreciated.

Step 4 - Get Management on Board Large-scale changes can be difficult to sell internally. Bring your data-driven insights and expert opinion to suggest a few first small-scale roll outs. This will prove the effectiveness of funnel inversion to management.

Jérome La Dall
March 2, 2021

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