How to Maintain Customer Engagement During a Virtual Environment

Customer engagement is one of the most important business objectives, and it’s traditionally dependent on in-person interaction. However, with COVID-19, almost every company had to alter their approach and go virtual. Currently, around 4.7 million people in the U.S. work remotely and approximately 78 percent of companies and customers are using some form of virtual platform to communicate. So, what does this mean for our traditional customer engagement? ‍

Here are some tips for customer engagement in a virtual environment: ‍

Make Virtual Meetings a Regular Occurrence

Scheduling virtual meetings on a regular basis with clients or co-workers is incredibly beneficial. It gives the sense of a face-to-face conversation while talking about any projects, proposals or issues that arise.

Expand Your Contact Center With Remote Employees

Having some form of a CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) software enables your customer support team to help and assist customers from any location. This will ensure every customer's needs are met. ‍

Host Webinars or Q&As

Webinars and live Q&As are a great way to connect with clients and prospective customers from all over the world. These online events can provide information and education to your audience.

Create Online Social Events For Your Clients

Social events allow a business to build relationships, so consider planning an online social event for your customers. Since in-person events are not currently available, there is a need to fill the void created by the lack of face-to-face interaction.

Demo and Information Sessions

Stay in front of your customers by offering virtual classes. Whether it’s a live class or prerecorded video, host a session teaching how to use your software or technology. Always ensure that your customers have access to these demos at any time on your various platforms.


Creating more touch points with your customers can increase engagement. Now is the time to check in more often and let customers know if anything has changed regarding how you’re conducting business. As well, ask customers how you can support them during this time, and let them know how they can support your brand.

As we look towards the future, there is still some uncertainty about in-person meetings and events. On the other hand, the pandemic has taught us to be resilient and innovative when connecting with customers. No matter the environment, these tips will allow you to continue to build relationships. According to McKinsey & Company, the belief in the efficacy of digital continues to grow as both B2B buyers and sellers prefer the new digital reality.

The future of a B2B market is virtual, and maintaining customer retention in this environment will be crucial.   How COVID-19 has changed B2B sales forever | McKinsey.

Daniela Vargas
May 26, 2021

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